• SmartPost Versions History
  • SmartPost v0.6
    23.02.2004 Based on SmartPost v0.5
    How To Upgrade from SmartPost v0.5 and v0.4
    To upgrade your SmartPost installation to v0.6 from v0.5/0.4
    1. Delete ALL the old files in SmartPost directory
    2. Unpacke v0.6 package to SmartPost directory.
    3. Edit your NEW 'confglobal.php' file manually.
    4. You should set register_globals=Off in php.ini and restart Apache.
    5. Login to the Server Administartor interface using XMail control account!
    How To Upgrade from SmartPost early versions
    See the instruction in this file in SmartPost v0.5 section
    General Project News
    - www.smartpost.ro is no longer available! 
    	The new official SmartPost web-site is smartpost.sourceforge.net
    - Script that transfers the _existed_ XMail database 
    	into SmartPost infrastructure is implemented.
    	See xmail2smartpost.zip
    - Please fill our simple registration form here
    	This helps us to make SmartPost software better.
    General Improvements
    - New server status page view 
    	based on phpSysInfo project 
    - Two new variables in confglobal.php are
    	$SHOWSERVERSTATUS	show/hide server status  
    	$SHOWSEVERSTATSREPORTS	show/hide server stats reports 
    	Controls the behaviour of _domain_ admin interface.
    	Can be either "YES"/"NO" or "ON"/"OFF".
    - register_globals=Off in php.ini
    - login to the Server Administartor interface using XMail control account.
    	XMail control account is registered in ctrlaccounts.tab
    	Use NON-encrypted password to login.
    	Login to Domain Admin interface rutine is not changed.
    Domain Administartor Interface
    - domains admins can observe the server status
    - domain wide black lists. 
    	These lists are independent for all domains.
    - Administrator can store user's address, home page, and telephone.
    Server Administrator interface
    - server admin can control server wide black list.
    	This list is common for all domains/users on server.
    - Administrator can store user's address, home page, and telephone.
    - server admin can change password - XMail control account password.
    User Interface
    - personal black list. 
    - reply.php and forward.php were eliminated from the project.
    	We need only compose.php file that does all the job.
    SmartPost v0.5
    01.10.2003 Based on SmartPost v0.4
    How To Upgrade from SmartPost v0.4
    To successfully upgrade your SmartPost installation to v0.5 from v0.4
    1. Save your old config 'confglobal.php' file for case of trouble.
    2. Delete all the old files in SmartPost directory.
    3. Unpacke v0.5 package to SmartPost directory.
    4. Edit your new 'confglobal.php' file manually. 
    How To Upgrade from SmartPost early versions
    To successfully upgrade your SmartPost installation to v0.5 
    from releases _early_ then 0.4
    1. Save your old config 'confglobal.php' file for case of trouble.
    2. Delete all the old files in SmartPost directory.
    3. Unpacke v0.5 package to SmartPost directory.
    4. Edit your _new_ 'confglobal.php' file manually.
    	Don't use your old config file!
    5. Enable dayli statistics for XMail.
    	In /etc/rc.d/init.d/xmail
    	XMAIL_CMD_LINE="-Mr 24 -Pl -Sl -Ql -Fl -Cl -Ll"
    6. Update SmartPost's SQL structure with ../other-files/upgrade04.sql
    	Run #mysql -u dbadmin -p mail < upgrade04.sql
    General Project News
    - The new SmartPost official site is http://www.smartpost.ro
    - Project is registered on sourceforge.net with GPL license.
    General Improvements
    - $DOMAINS variabel in 'confglobal.php' is obsolete. 
    	Domans list comes directly from XMail. 
    - New variabel in 'confglobal.php' $XMAILROOT = "/var/MailRoot/" by default
    - SmartPost directory contains a new folder named 'other-files'
    	/other-files contains
    		ChangeLog	this file
    		GPL		GPL license
    		root		cron config file example
    		smartpost.sql	general SQL script
    		upgrade04.sql	upgrade SQL script to v0.4
    		verdana.ttf	true type font verdana
    		/courier-configs examples of Courier-IMAP config files
      All this files are not directly affecting on SmartPost installation. 
    Administrator Interfaces
    - It's possible to enable/disable 'Reply-To:' header for mailing lists.
    	See FAQ for more info at http://www.smartpost.ro/faq.php
    - Configurable black lists. Currently only server wide lists.
    User Interface
    - Users get a full featured 'Drafts' folder.
    - Some improvements in the interface on 'Contacts' page.
    - It's possible now to redirect the message 
    	and leave the message copy in local mailbox.
    SmartPost v0.4
    29.08.2003 Based on SmartPost Mode v0.3.1
    How To Upgrade
    To successfully upgrade your SmartPost installation to v0.4
    1. Save your old config 'confglobal.php' file for case of trouble.
    2. Ovewrite all the files in SmartPost directory with new files
    	(from SmartPost v0.4 archive)
    3. Edit your _new_ 'confglobal.php' file manually.
    	Don't use your old config file!
    4. Enable dayli statistics for XMail.
    	In /etc/rc.d/init.d/xmail
    	XMAIL_CMD_LINE="-Mr 24 -Pl -Sl -Ql -Fl -Cl -Ll"
    5. Update SmartPost's SQL structure
    	Run #mysql -u dbadmin -p mail < upgrade04.sql
    General Project News
    - SmartPost Modification project was renamed just to SmartPost.
    	There is no any others SmartPosts. Just this project.
    	Version numbers line remains from Mode line.
    - We'v got a new member in a crew. Mircea Ciocan, welcome aboard!
    - After some fighting around php inclusions I decided to remain 
    	the files structure the same as it was.
    - New iptables congfuration is included into installation instraction.
    General Improvements
    - From the very beginning SmartPost SQL structure contained one small bug.
    	This bug made impossible to create mailing lists with the same name
    	in a different domains.
    	This bug is fixed in smartpost.sql from v0.4
    	To upgrade from early releases run as a mysql root (or dbadmin) 
    	upgrade04.sql like this
    		# mysql -u dbadmin -p mail<upgrade04.sql
    	This will drop primary key in 'mailinglists' table.
    	Of course, you can do this manually or by using phpMyAdmin.
    - All the global variables in 'confglobal.php' are in BIG LETTERS now. 
    	Thus they can be easy distinct from other variables.
    - 'confglobal.php' gets the new variable $DOMAINS. 
    	This is an array that contains all the domains that 
    	are being managed by SmartPost installation. 
    	This variable make it easy for users to log in to webmail interface.
    Administrator Interfaces
    - Administrators are able to create 'open' and 'close' mailing lists.
    	Only the members can send to 'close' lists.
    - Members in the list can be with 'Read' and 'Read/Write' permissions.
    	Even the permission is just 'Read', 
    	members (and anybody else) can send mail to 'open' lists.
    - Many domain accounts can be added to the maling list at once 
    	(currently with RW permissions only)
    - It is possible to get dayli statistics now.
    	To enable dayli statistics  start XMail demon with 
    	particular command line parameters. 
    	Edit /etc/rc.d/init.d/xmail
    	There is a variabel XMAIL_CMD_LINE in the beginning of this file
    	Set this variabel like this
    	XMAIL_CMD_LINE="-Mr 24 -Pl -Sl -Ql -Fl -Cl -Ll"
    	Note "-Mr 24" in this line. This is 24 hours dayli log stats.
    - Many interface improvements. It's more comfortable now.
    User Interface
    - Login is possible now from any browser that supports Java 
    	including Mozilla, Netscape, Konqueror, IE, Opera.
    	Thanks goes to Mircea Ciocan.
    - Replaced nl2br() function with some regexp, that made 
    	message display MUCH better, also the printable version is nicer.
    - Create folder was able to create strange folder names containing invalid 
    	chars, also the lenght of the name was totally unlimited.
    	It is limited now the lenght to 20 alfa-numeric chars 
    	to escape undelteable and other security risks.
    - 'Sent', 'Trash', and 'Drafts' folders are being created automatically now
    	When the user logins for the first time to webmail.
    	There is no more need to click twice on [Folders] menu.
    - Users can login to webmail interface by choosing the domain list 
    	from the falling list box. (see $DOMAINS in confglobal.php)
    	The old way to login using loginname@domain.name _is also actual_
    - Some other small but nice improvements in the users interface.
    - Note's length in the notebook can contain no more than 300 characters now.
    SmartPost Mode v0.3.1
    04.08.2003 Some small, but important improvements from v0.3
    Administrator Interfaces
    - Listing of users accounts in alphabetical order.
    - User's 'Display Name' can contain spaces, numbers and dots now.
    - SmartPost can retrieve and show for administrators user statistics
    	total size of the mailbox, 
    	total number of messages, 
    	and last user login IP address.
    SmartPost Mode v0.3
    - Documentation
    	Installation instruction for RedHat9 is generally done.
    	FAQ collection about the SmartPost project is started.
    - Quota Monitor runs periodically to observe the size of mail boxes.
    - Many bugs where fixed.
    - Many others small mostly cosmetical changes where made.
    - /perl subdirectory was renamed to /scripts
    - GarbageEraser runs periodically to erase some old attachments from /temp
    Users Interface
    - Over-mail-box-size Quota Monitor notifications.
    Server Administrator Interface
    - Gathering the total server statistics.
    - Weekly reports from Quota Monitor.
    SmartPost Mode v0.2
    30.06.2003 Based on SmartPost Mode v0.1. Version 0.2 was not for public use.
    - Documentation is in progress
    - Persistant connection to MySQL database. mysql_pconnect() is in use.
    - One global general configuration file confglobal.php
    	Local conf.php files are not in use any more.
    - One global functions2.php collection of global functions.
    	Locals functions2.php are deleted from the project.
    - vedana.ttf font is included into package.
    Users Interface
    - We can forward mails now
    - Help and Setting pages are added (empty at this moment)
    - Two new functions in functions2.php
    Domain Administartor Interface
    - Web-statistic block is better now. Some bugs where fixed.
    Server Administrator Interface
    - Some new nice icons
    - Web-statistic block is better now. Some bugs where fixed.
    SmartPost Mode v0.1
    This modification is based on SmartPost v0.1
    There are NO changes in administrator and superadministrator interfaces.
    This is because at this moment I like it as they are.
    And administrators scripts take more time to program.
    - Users interface was totally modified
    - New set of icons for top menu is inside ../images/menutop 
    	some other new icons are in ../images
    - The most improvement is that CSS is in use now.
    Almost all tags like <font color=>, were removed
    I'm not skilled in CSS design, 
    so if somebody has an experience with CSS can now try to program styles 
    and themes for user's part of SmartPost Mode.
    - Tons of small bugs (especially inside HTML) were fixed.
    - Some new variables were added to user's conf.php
    - New functions collection functions2.php was created.
    List of available functions (in order of appearance):
    	showMailboxStatus($connectstring, ...)
    	showMenuLeft() shows left menu on EACH page
    	showMenuTop($PageName, $UserName)shows top menu on EACH page
    	windowSUCCESS($header, $line1, $line2, $line3, $line4, $line5)
    	windowWARNING($header, $line1, $line2, $line3, $line4, $line5)
    	windowERROR ($header, $line1, $line2, $line3, $line4, $line5)
    - All files like hlb-...php were removed.
    	Instead all this files there is one function showMenuLeft() 
    	from functions2.php
    - All common JavaScript functions were collected in functionsjava.php
    	To get an access to them use include "functionsjava.php"
    	But this functions used mostly in showMenuLeft(), 
    	so functionsjava.php is already included there.
    - Rudimentary window system was designed.
    	See windowSUCCESS, windowERROR, windowWARNING in functions2.php.
    	This functions use CSS, so before use them include "style.css"
    - Note that files were edited in Windows. 
    	That's why file format CR/LF is in Windows style now.
    	This is because I'm really tired to fighting around php in Midnight
    	Commander. Finally I installed Samba and connected /var/www as disk.
    Basis version SmartPost 0.1
  • WebBased ControlPanel for Serveradministrator
  • WebBased Controlpanel for Postmasters
  • Webbased Interface for users to access their emails
  • Rich userInterface [ see the screen shots :-) ]
  • Many other features like graphical Statistics, NewsLetters, Mailinglists etc. all using simple and easy to use webbased Interfaces

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