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  • Ask your questions tchoudinov@yahoo.com

  • General about SmartPost

  • I need some help/consultations about SmartPost and XMail.
    You can always ask for help in XMail mailing list and forums.
    The XMail project has two mailing lists xmail@xmailserver.org ( more technical ) and xmail-announce@xmailserver.org ( new releases ). To subscribe You've to send a message to xmail-request@xmailserver.org or xmail-announce-request@xmailserver.org with an empty subject and with a message body containing a line: subscribe
    The message must be clear text ( no html ). You'll receive a confirm email to which You've to reply by keeping the message body intact ( no extra '>' ).
    To unsubscribe simply do the same thing with the word "unsubscribe".
    For detailed help send a message with empty subject and body containing a line "help" to ecartis@xmailserver.org.
    Check for help also XMail forum http://xmailforum.homelinux.net/
    XMail mailing list archive contains a lot of useful information

    I have an existed Xmail server with a lot of users.
    Can I install SmartPost over this environment?

    Yes you can do it.
    There is a PHP script that can do this work for you.
    You can find xmail2smartpost script in the download section.
    Before use this script you need to go through steps 2,3,5, and 6 of SmartPosts installation instraction.
    After that steps you get workable Apache+php, IMAP server and SmartPost's SQL database.
    REMEMBER! This script clears ALL the tables of SmartPost's database each time you run it and fills this tables again with the data from XMail.
    Configure the script before use. Just edit some variables in the beginning of the file.
    Then run it from console like  #php xmail2smartpost.php 
    Script DOES NOT affect the existed XMail database.

    Can I install SmartPost on Windows?
    Generally yes. At least you can try.
    But this is NOT recommended.
    SmartPost is being developed with UNIX as a target platform because of UNIX stable, controllable security and predictable behavior in the network environment.
    Then Courier IMAP does not work on Windows at all, so you will not be able to use IMAP access and users web-mail part.
    Then server status page will not work on Windows, because Win is unfamiliar with 'free','du' etc UNIX commands.
    But generally SmartPost should work, at least all the XMail functionality should work.

  • User Interface

  • How to send one mail to many recipients at once ?
    Use semicolon symbol (;) to separate mail addresses in To, Cc, Bcc fields.
    For example address1@company.com;address2@company.com

    How to escape the virus attack from e-mail ?
    There is only one simple general rule for mail users.
    DO NOT OPEN ATTACHED FILES WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THESE FILES ARE (even if you know the persons who send these files to you)
    Remember! Mail server cannot be infected.
    This is your computer is under attack and this is your task to keep it safe.

  • Server Administrator Interface

  • What are 'open' and 'close' maling lists ?
    If the maling list is a 'close list' then only subscribed users can send mails there.
    If the mailing list is a 'open list' then everyone can send mails to this list.

    What are users permissions for the mailing list ?
    XMail MTA and SmartPost support 'Read Only' and 'Read/Write' permissions for mailing lists members.
    If the mailing list is 'close' and a user has only 'Read' permission in this list then this user can not send any mails to this 'close' list.
    If the mailing list is 'open' then everybody in spite of permissions can send mails to this list.

    Can one maling list be a member of the other list ?

    How about permissions inheritance in mailing lists ?
    Permissions are not inherited trough the membership in mailing lists.
    For example: user account user@domain.net is a member of a list list1@domain.net
    And list1@domain.net is a member of list2@domain.net

    user@domain.net --> list1@domain.net --> list2@domain.net

    But user@domain.net is NOT a member of list2@domain.net
    user@domain.net -X-> list2@domain.net

    What is "Enable/Disable the emission of the 'Reply-To:' header" ?
    This influences on the e-mail header 'Reply-To'.
    If this 'Reply-To' is absent the mail user agents are supposed to send reply mail to the address from 'From' field.
    When an e-mail is sendt trough the mailing list with 'Reply-To' field enabled this 'Reply-To' contains mailing list address. For example: 'Reply-To: openlist@home.net'
    When this 'Reply-To' is absent in the mail header, MUAs use 'From' to get an address to reply to.
    'From' field alwais contains the sender address.
    For example: 'From: "root" <root@home.net>'

    Enable 'Reply-To' - reply to mailing list by default.
    Disable 'Reply-To' - reply to sender by default.

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