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    SmartPost project is closed (and do not mail me about it please)
    I thank all the people who helped to build the SmartPost and especially the project founder Pari Purna Chand and Mircea Ciocan. And all the others who send responses, questions, suggestions, bug reports, source code to me. Thank you all!

    SmartPost is closed. There are some better e-mail solutions on market today, and I do not see any reason to continue the SmartPost development.

    If you need an integrated e-mail solution take a look at the free project Hula or commercial project KerioMailServer, which is my personal favourite.

    September 2004
    SmartPost project leader, Mikael Chudinov

    SmartPost software provides the total electronic mail solution using UNIX/Linux, with IMAP, POP, and webmail access as well as web-based administration and web-based control over the mail server.
    SmartPost uses SQL database to store users information and for authentication.
    SmartPost has easy connect with antivirus software and has own security subsystem.
    SmartPost system is for free (without license payments), thus offers the economical profit.

    This electronic mail solution can be especially useful
    for small and medium enterprises and organisations.

    The core of system was originally developed by N Pari Purna Chand
    I joined the project in the early phase of v0.2 and from that time SmartPost Team works hard to make this system better.
    Current version is SmartPost 0.6

    Mikael Chudinov

    SmartPost v0.6
    23.02.2004 Based on SmartPost v0.5
    How To Upgrade from SmartPost v0.5 and v0.4
    To upgrade your SmartPost installation to v0.6 from v0.5/0.4
    1. Delete ALL the old files in SmartPost directory
    2. Unpacke v0.6 package to SmartPost directory.
    3. Edit your NEW 'confglobal.php' file manually.
    4. You should set register_globals=Off in php.ini and restart Apache.
    5. Login to the Server Administartor interface using XMail control account! 
    How To Upgrade from SmartPost early releases
    To successfully upgrade your SmartPost installation to v0.6 
    from releases _early_ then 0.4
    1. Save your old config 'confglobal.php' file for case of trouble.
    2. Delete all the old files in SmartPost directory.
    3. Unpacke new package to SmartPost directory.
    4. Edit your _new_ 'confglobal.php' file manually.
    	Don't use your old config file!
    5. Enable dayli statistics for XMail.
    	In /etc/rc.d/init.d/xmail
    	XMAIL_CMD_LINE="-Mr 24 -Pl -Sl -Ql -Fl -Cl -Ll"
    6. Update SmartPost's SQL structure with ../other-files/upgrade04.sql
    	Run #mysql -u dbadmin -p mail < upgrade04.sql
    7. You should set register_globals=Off in php.ini and restart Apache.

    SmartPost is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    ONLY under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
    See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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